Webinar on National Educational Policy 2020 & the Hope for better Adolescent Health

   21 Aug 2020

For years, there has been a lot of discussion on the mental trauma and stress associated with class 10th and 12th exams for adolescents. The process of giving entrance exams – each for different course and college has only salted fresh wounds. The National Education Policy 2020 (linked) aims to ensure healthy brain development and growth. It also aims to reduce the mental stress associated with education and make adolescents vocation-ready as soon as they finish education. Additionally, the NEP brings to light the much needed focus on Early Childhood Care & Education which often lays the foundation stone for the years of development to follow.

This webinar  discussed the impact of NEP 2020 on adolescent health (with a focus on mental health) and the role of schools, teachers, and parents to ensure holistic emotional and brain development. With the convergence of policy advisors, CSR executives and school panel, the webinar  also tried to discuss how curriculum and pedagogy can impact school health.

The audience was primarily composed of school and college-going children as well as some implementation agencies who may find interest in the topic. The audience were given an opportunity to interact with the eminent panel.

This webinar was the fourth webinar under the series "Youth & Adolescent Health" by SHARP NGO. The aim was to highlight problems related to Youth & Adolescents in the ongoing pandemic situation and the challenges to follow. It also hopes to create an open platform for them to ask their doubts, and get possible solutions.