Webinar on Investing in the age of opportunity to break cycles of poor Health and Nutrition – Adolescence of the Subaltern

   19 Sep 2020

Covid-19 lockdown has highlighted the most gruesome state of malnutrition and hunger in India. With the subaltern pushed to the margins, the realities of public healthcare are evermore exposed. Implementation agencies and CSR wings have a chance to invest in health and nutrition & change how rural India perceives healthcare. This convergence with the support of schools will ensure no child sleeps on an empty stomach in the country.

With the same vision, SHARP NGO organised the webinar on “Investing in the age of opportunity to break cycles of poor Health and Nutrition – Adolescence of the Subaltern” which is the 8th webinar under our series on Youth & Adolescent Health during pandemic & after. This webinar aimed to highlight

• Novelty of CSR/Govt. Initiatives for investing in adolescent nutrition
• Tips for schools to ensure equality of health education
• Focus on food safety & hygiene in schools and hostels
• Mid-Day meal availability in the lockdown
• How implementing agencies can play a part in changing perspectives of rural India towards healthcare (preventive v/s reactive health)

The audience were be given an opportunity to interact with the eminent panel which includes:

1. Mr. Basanta Kumar Kar, Recipient of Global Nutrition Leadership Award 2019 [Fondly known as “Nutrition Man”]
2. Mr. Daniel Sinnathamby , Country Director - Pathfinder International
3. Dr. Damodar Bachani, Deputy Project Director - John Snow India Private Ltd.
4. Dr. Suresh Kumar Rathi, Associate Professor , Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad
5. Ms. Nirupama Sharma, Joint Director & Head – Agriculture, Food Processing & FMCG, ASSOCHAM India


You can view the recording at  <a href="">view here</a>