Renewing the Health Promoting School Approach to build a fairer & healthier world

   10 Apr 2021


A health promoting school engages health and education officials, teachers, students, parents, health providers and community leaders to foster healthcare in each student's life. India has made considerable progress in the development of health promoting schools - a lot of which continues to be at stake with the pandemic and disruption of education. What can be the new health promoting approach? Who can invest in bringing a change?
Join us for a webinar on #WorldHealthDay as we move towards building a fairer, healthier world for India's students.

This webinar cum panel discussion focused on:

1. Building Healthy Classrooms for students
2. Promoting Equity in Health services & education available for school children
3. Innovative avenues for synergy between schools and parents
4. Role of corporate and civil societies in upcoming approaches of Health promotion

Esteemed Panelists:
1. Ms. Tina Rawal - Consultant at HRIDAY, Public Health Foundation India
2. Dr. Radhika Batra - Pediatrician, Forbes Asia 30 under 30, Founder and President at Every Infant Matters
3. Ms. Sujatha VP - Principal at Delhi World School, Hyderabad
4. Ms. Shobhika Ghai - Assistant Manager - Corporate Social Responsibility at Spark Minda Foundation

You can invite your friends and colleagues to join us for this webinar by forwarding following link to them: