Webinar on Building Convergence for India’s School Health: Achieving Sustainable Development through Health promotion in Schools

   24 Oct 2020

 Oct 24, 2020 04:00 PM India


Inculcating healthcare in school education is crucial to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Even at early childhood, the student begins to develop information related mental and emotional health. In a later stage, the student at adolescent gets equipped with sexual and reproductive health and rights, communicable and non-communicable diseases. School health also supports socio-emotional literacy, learning to manage feelings, to build relationships and to understand others’ emotions.

These students with better nutrition and health awareness will then go onto influence economic growth, livelihood, development, climate change, consumption patterns as leaders of tomorrow. SHARP NGO celebrated “United Nations Day 2020” by focusing on creating a platform to discuss role of the schools in motivating students to work towards achieving SDGs together. With convergence between schools, policy makers, civil societies, teachers and intervention agencies, this moderated* discussion  focussed on:

• Importance of Sustainable Development Goals in schools with specific focus on
SDG 3 and 4
• Role of the schools in motivating students to work towards achieving SDGs together
• Success stories of Ayushman Bharat & RKSK Programme by GOI
• Limitations of current knowledge and health-based messages in schools
• Role of NGOs in easing school-health education and support in schools
• Impact on School Health in the post-Covid era

Key Esteemed Panelists included 
Ms. Urvashi Prasad, Public Policy Specialist, Niti Aayog
Dr Sudhir Maknikar, Director, Path India
Dr. Shreepoorna Bhatacharya – Lead for School Health and Wellness Ambassador Initiative at JHPIEGO
Mr. Nixon Joesph – President, COO - SBI Foundation
Ms Anju Mehta – Principal - Angels Valley School, Rajpura
The webinar was held on Oct 24, 2020 04:00 PM India