Webinar on Air Pollution & Covid19 : Effects on School Children

   31 Oct 2020

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The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has laid the groundwork for a serious discussion on way we live and on the ways we want to live. How do the changes in weather and festivals round the corner impact the quality of the air we breathe, and, if maintained, how might that affect our overall health and wellbeing? What lessons can we learn from this unique time period that will help us to better manage air pollution once the school resumes? In the 14th episode of our Adolescent health webinar series, we were  joined by expert panelists from health , medical, environment and school field who explored how community-based air quality monitoring could help improve our understanding of air pollution and identify actions to reduce exposure to unhealthy air.

SDG target 3.9, which calls for a substantial reduction in deaths and illnesses from air pollution. SDG target 7.1. 2, which aims to ensure access to clean energy in homes. SDG target 11.7, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of cities by improving air quality.

Exposing children to environmental pollutants during important times of physiological development can lead to long-lasting health problems, dysfunction, and disease.

Esteemed Panelists who delivered the lectures and interacted with huge audience:
1. Mr. Abhishek Saxena, Policy Specialist - NITI AAYOG, Govt. of India
2. Mr. Rajiv Khurana, CMC, FIMC, Co-Founder - Trustee at Lung Care Foundation
3. Dr. Saurabh Khanna, Consultant, Neonatology, Paediatrics, CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon
4. Dr. Ajay Singh Nagpure, Head, Air Quality & Sustainable Urbanization, World Resources Institute
5. Ms. Vibha Khosla, Principal, Shri Ram Global School, New Delhi

Date 31.10.2020 Time 4 Pm to 5.30 PM

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