Webinar on Youth, Non-Communicable Disease, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

   07 Nov 2020



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In 2011, the campaign for the prevention and control of NCDs was introduced as a priority activity by the United Nations. As global health priorities transitioned from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, NCDs emerged as a set of conditions that have direct links to achieving goals and targets of the SDGs. It has taken a highly communicable condition like COVID-19 to highlight the dangers inherent in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart and respiratory ailments, to health. These are usually bracketed away as previously underlying or pre-existing medical conditions when, in fact, they should be in the foreground. The main risk factors identified from the age of 18 onwards were lack of physical activity and tobacco use resulting in high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. In other words, while those who are at highest risk of complications and from dying of COVID-19 today are those who have lived with NCDs for a longer time, usually the elderly, this is not always true. Bad habits start young.

This webinar-cum-panel discussion focussed on:
1. Need of Increasing awareness of students on NCDs like Diabetes & Hypertension
2. Best practices for curbing hypertension in adolescents
3. Physical inactivity & chances of diabetes during lockdown
4. Excessive binge eating and unhealthy diet
5. Collaborating with schools to reduce chances of NCDs

This webinar was the 15th webinar under the series "Youth & Adolescent Health" by SHARP NGO. The aim was to highlight problems related to Youth & Adolescents in the on-going pandemic.

Esteemed Panelists who shared their views :
Dr. Anshu Sharma, Senior CMO [HAG] and HOD NCD division & Biochemistry divisions at NCDC Delhi
Dr. Shweta Khandelwal, Head of Nutrition Reasearch & Additional Professor at Public Health Foundation(PHFI)
Mr. Omar Sherief Mohammad, Managing Director & General Manager, Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt. Ltd.
Ms. Nita Arora, Principal, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Delhi (Winner of National Healthy Schools Award 2019)


Date 7.11.2020 Time 4 PM


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