Webinar on Digital Mental Health of Adolescents during COVID times: A Global Concern

   28 Nov 2020


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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live our daily lives. Many of us now work from home, turn to telemedicine to see a doctor, watch more Netflix to stay entertained, and use online communication tools to talk with friends. This resulted in a significant increase in internet usage in 2020. Due to the drastic shift in online classes and lack of outdoor activity, social media has become a catalyst to fulfil Adolescents’ needs & desires. What are its symptoms and warning signs? What are its repercussions on mental health? How can internet be used safely?

The webinar was held on 28.11.2020at 4 PM to understand:
1. Internet : abundant source of knowledge for children
2. What motivates them to enter and stay in the cyber world
3. Cyber bullying and Adolescents' Social Identity
4. Social Media Challenges & Games
5. Safe Use of Internet – tips and tricks

Esteemed Panelists:
1. Mr. Arun Soni - Director - TCCS, International Author, Cyber Security Expert, Limca Book of Records Holder
2. Ms. Hena Akhtar - Clinical Psychologist & School Counsellor at DPS, Noida
3. Ms. Nirali Bhatia - Cyber Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Director, V4WEB Technologies Pvt. Ltd., TEDx Speaker, Founder Cyber B.A.A.P


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