Webinar on Building Mental Health platforms in schools for students, teachers & parents

   26 Dec 2020

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The holistic development of a human being comprises growth in each sphere, physical, mental, and social. Mental health is as significant a part of the overall health of an individual as physical health. However, it is rarely recognized or cared for by the individual or society. Child and adolescent mental health has only begun to gain attention but is far from recognition at the grass-root level. The World Health Organization claims that schools have an unparalleled opportunity and scope to improve the lives of young people and promote their mental health
The  webinar was organised to understand:
• Introducing social and emotional intelligence in the curriculum for students
• Need of Mental health for meeting environmental demands - social, emotional and physical
• Role of educators, counselors and primary caretakers
• NEP and Emotional Quotient
• Role of NGOs in promoting School-based interventions over existing healthcare services
• Involvement of gate-keepers such as school administration, parents, and teachers in the development and delivery of the interventions

Esteemed Panelists:
1. Ms. Rekha Chauhan - Sr. Psychologist & Counselor, President AISUCAP, Working Group Committee Member-Manodarpan(MHRD)
2. Mr. Sushant Kalra - Founder, Parwarish Institute of Parenting, Renowned Parent Teacher Coach, TEDx Speaker
3. Ms. Prachi Khandeparkar - Psychologist and Project Lead, Sangath (Goa & Pune)
4. Ms. Vishakha Gupta - Principal - Beacon High school, Pune

It was live on 26.12.2020 at 4 PM

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