Webinar on Sleep Pattern of Adolescents: Link to Health and Academic Performance

   09 Jan 2021

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An article published by National center for Biotechnology USA says sleep play a critical role in normal functioning during adolescence in a complex association with many other processes. Adolescence is a critical growth and development period hallmarked by drastic and nonlinear hormonal, somatic, and behavioral changes, which are paralleled by dramatic maturational changes in sleep physiology, architecture, and regulatory mechanisms. Experts argue that 8-9 hours of sleep is essential for healthy living, however adolescents follow unruly sleep patterns that often cause sleep deprivation. Following a routine is also necessary for our physical and mental well-being, however the lock down has disrupted our routines. One such disruption has been caused in the sleep cycles of adolescents. This may also impact ones health, academic performance and nutrition. A webinar was held  on 9th January at 4pm to discuss the negative impacts of their sleep cycles and how to change them!

The webinar was focussed on the following:
1. Prevalence of Sleep disorders in adolescents
2. Unhealthy Sleep patterns, how to identify and change them
3. Impact on sleep pattern due to changes in the circadian rhythm and brain maturation during adolescence & Maintenance
4. Role of Nutrition in Sleeping Patterns
5. Practicing good sleep hygiene and benefits


Esteemed Panelists:
1. Dr. Renuka Sharma, Director- Professor Physiology, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital
2. Dr. Pulkit Mathur, Asst Professor, Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Lady Irwin College(University of Delhi) & Convenor, Nutrition Society of India - Delhi Chapter
3. Dr. Apurvakumar Pandya, PhD (HDFS), MA (Clin Psych), Economic Evaluation Specialist
Regional Resource Centre for Health Technology Assessment at Indian Institute of Public Health - Gandhinagar
4. Ms. Ramanjit Ghuman, Principal at Oakridge International School, Mohali

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