webinar on Pedestrian Safety: Motor vehicle-pedestrian collisions and walking to schools

   30 Jan 2021

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On a worldwide scale, over 4,00,000 pedestrians are killed every year and over 10,000 pedestrians are killed on Indian roads. In most regions across the world this epidemic of road traffic injuries is still increasing, Pedestrian safety is given utmost importance in the west, however, this is not very prevalent in India. It is also one of the most fatal factor for occurence of unnatural deaths in children and adolescents. It is well promotoed that walking or cycling to schools is very good for heatlh, but it also increases the risk of collisions or injuries if the pedestrians are not educated or routes are not much safer. It is very critical to educate children on the importance of Pedestrian safety and to develop safer routes to reduce fatal road accidents where pedestrians are involved.

Esteemed Panelists who presented their views during the webinar held on 30.1.2021 were:
1. Dr. Dinesh Mohan - PhD, Honorary Professor, IIT Delhi, Transportation Research & Injury Prevention Programme
2. Dr. Eilia Jafar - Chief Programs Officer at SaveLIFE Foundation
3. Mr. Bikash Mohapatra - Secretary at Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents
4. Mrs. Usha Sharma, Principal at SRN International School, Jaipur

This webinar cum panel discussion focussed on:
-Need & Importance of Pedestrian safety
-Promoting pedestrian safety on Indian roads & Roles of different stakeholders
-Adolescents cycling vs walking to schools: risks and safety tips
-Duties & Responsibilities of pedestrians and law concerning
-Perspectives on infrastructure outside schools