Webinar on Strengthening Preventive Health care services in Schools during COVID-19

   20 Feb 2021



The delivery of existing healthcare services in schools to children and adolescents is a challenge for a variety of reasons during the pandemic. Providing us with the scope to discuss new challenges of strengthening the existing health services in schools by building capacities of health personnel's and adopting new technologies. The webinar  pondered on the needs and improving services for ensuring better preventive health and mental health among the youth and adolescents in the new normal.

Esteemed Panelists:
1. Dr. K. Madan Gopal - Senior Consultant(Health) at NITI Aayog
2. Maj Gen Ashok Kumar Singh (Retd.) - President, Telemedicine Society of India, Advisor in Health Informatics to Mahatma Gandhi University of medical sciences and technology, Sitapura, Jaipur
3. Dr. Poonam Joshi - Associate Professor in Nursing, College of Nursing, AIIMS, New Delhi, PhD in Nursing
4. Ms. Anu Bhatia - Principal at St. Edmunds Public School, Jaipur

This webinar cum panel discussion focused on:
-Need & access of Preventive Health care services as schools reopen during COVID
-Capacity building of school nurses and staff
-School based Telemedicine - Usage & Benefits
-Improving School based Brain health services and policies for students