Webinar on Advocating for Healthy Smiles: Children and Oral Health

   20 Mar 2021

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In India 60-80% children suffer from caries and nearly 50% people do not use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning teeth. Dental caries (tooth decay), gum diseases, malocclusion of teeth and oral cancers are major health problems in our country. World Oral Health Day celebrated on 20th of March every year over the globe give us a chance to highlight the importance of issue and the requirement of interventions at individual and community level. It is very important that we start understanding the kind of impact the ignorance of oral health may cause and to further empower and sensitize the youth about good oral health.

This webinar cum panel discussion focused on:
1. Prevalence of dental diseases and oral health behavior in adolescents
2. Promoting Importance of Oral health
3. Tobacco consumption & Oral Health
4. School based initiatives promoting oral health benefits
5. Role of Schools, NGOs and other stakeholders

Esteemed Panelists:
1. Dr. Ashok Dhoble - Hon. Secretary General at Indian Dental Association
2. Dr. Naga Nandini. S - Professor and Head of Department, Public Health Dentistry at NIMS Dental College and Hospital, NIMS University
3. Ms. Svetika Kapoor - Principal at Malviya Convent School, Jaipur

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