Webinar on Advocating for healthy eyes: Child & School Eye Health

   27 Mar 2021


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"Vision impairment and blindness in children resulting in decreased productivity in the long term remains a challenge to healthcare policy makers. Studies report 16.3% to 37% of blindness in Indian children as avoidable", as mentioned by an article published on NCBI. World Optometry Week 2021 gives us a unique chance to highlight the burden of eye diseases on adolescents and school health with possible prevention from an early age to promote healthy and holistic growth of children.

This webinar cum panel discussion focused on:
1. Prevalence of eye problems(Ocular morbidities) in adolescents & Prevention
2. Nutrition & Eye health
3. Challenges & opportunities for school eye health programmes during covid
4. Role of Schools and Civil societies in promoting Eye care in students

Esteemed Panelists:
1. Mr. Dharmaprasada Rai - Head, Essilor Vision Foundation, India
2. Dr. Tejal Dalal - Founder & Director at Tej Eye Center, Gujrat
3. Dr. I.P Singh - Consultant Ophthalmology at Dr. KP's Eye Care and Laser Center, Chandigarh
4. Mrs. Vishakha Gupta - Principal at Beacon High School, Pune


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