COVID-19 Resurgence: Guidance and efforts towards better prevention and relief

   24 Apr 2021


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India, right now, is facing a devastating 2nd wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Even with the ongoing vaccinations drive, the condition has worsened, and we have a long way to go. The healthcare system is overburdened, and the best thing we can do right now is taking all the precautions, keep us and everyone around us safe, and be well informed about relief opportunities. What can we do to improve this situation? What are the preventive and relief opportunities during these times that we must know about? What does the future look like? Join us for this webinar to learn about the opportunities to overcome the current situation and to lead towards a healthier and COVID free future for everyone.

This webinar cum panel discussion focused on:
1. Understanding the big picture: New covid strains and future vulnerabilities
2. Home isolation guidelines
3. Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines and guidelines
4. Keeping good immunity during the resurgence
5. Role of Corporates and civil originations to support the fight against covid

Esteemed Panelists:
1. Dr K. Madan Gopal - Senior Consultant(Health) at NITI Aayog
2. Dr. Neeraj Nischal - Associate Professor, Department of Medicine at AIIMS, New Delhi
3. Dr. Anil Kumar Goswami - Additional Professor of Health Education at Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi
4. Ms. Lavleen Kaur - Dietitian, ,Clinical Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach, Chandigarh
5. Mr. Nixon Joseph - President, C.O.O at SBI Foundation



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